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Do you need a clear and comprehensive assessment of your clients’ neuropsychology needs?

Do you have clients who struggle to engage in their rehabilitation programmes because of the effects of a brain injury?

Are your clients' brain injury related emotional and behavioural challenges getting in the way of their progress?

Do your clients have other difficulties, for example mental health issues that impact on their ability to benefit from brain injury rehabilitation?


Dr Carol Sampson

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

BSc Hons Psychology, DClinPsych, PGDip Clinical Neuropsychology

With over 30 years' experience in the field of brain injury and neurological rehabilitation Dr Carol Sampson provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation programmes.

 "I have acted as an expert witness and treating neuropsychologist over a number of years. My extensive and varied experience in the field enables me to provide bespoke assessment and neuropsychology rehabilitation adapted to a range of clinical presentations."

What is neuropsychology?

The British Psychological Society ( Division of Neuropsychology (DON) describes neuropsychology as, ‘Neuropsychology investigates the links between damage to different parts of the brain and changes in thinking, feeling and behaving.’

What do clinical neuropsychologists do?

According to the DON, Clinical Neuropsychologists apply this knowledge to assess and treat people with brain injuries and other conditions that affect brain functions.

Neuropsychologists are experts in psychology as applied to neurological conditions. We carry out assessments and treatments based on the scientific study of the brain and human behaviour. Clinical Neuropsychologists use this information to develop specific therapy and rehabilitation interventions for our clients.



Neuropsychological assessment can help with a range of issues including:

  • Evaluating the effect of the brain injury on cognitive and emotional functioning

  • Describing the effect of the brain injury on personality and behaviour

  • Identify the presence of Post -Traumatic Stress symptoms following brain injury

  • Measure the extent and severity of other psychological difficulties

  • Assess the potential impact on everyday functioning including return to work or education

  • Identify rehabilitation needs following brain injury

Following a neuropsychology assessment a tailored therapy or rehabilitation intervention plan  is developed to address the neuropsychological issues identified.


A brain injury is a life changing event that affects both the individual and the family.

Do you or a member of your family struggle to cope with the impact of memory and organisational problems?

Do you find yourself getting angry more easily since the brain injury? Would you benefit from learning stress management techniques that take into account the unique effects of the brain injury?

If you have experienced a brain injury, it is vital that you have access to good quality rehabilitation at the right time. INSneuro uses the assessment of your neuropsychological needs to inform timely decisions about your rehabilitation.

Background image of a family

Families living with brain injury also need information and support. Over 30 years experience in neuropsychology assessment and rehabilitation of neurological conditions, means that I am able to provide a range of services to meet your needs.

  • Profile of neuropsychological strengths and needs

  • Advice, and support to manage and overcome psychological stresses relating to the brain injury

  • Comprehensive advice and supportive interventions to families on emotional and behavioural issues related to the brain injury

  • Psychological support to individuals and families coping with the aftermath of a brain injury


INSneuro believes that "everyone has something to offer." Our aim is to help individuals and families achieve this.


INSneuro provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessments that answer key questions vital to progressing the medicolegal process.


Balancing the right of an individual to determine their own specific life choices against their capacity to do so can be a challenging process.

Therapy Session

INSneuro provides a range of individual and group therapy programmes.


A comprehensive assessment is the starting point for developing a neuropsychological rehabilitation programme.


INSneuro offers several training courses based on neuropsychology related topics.

Digital or in person delivery.


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