Capacity and Risk Assessment

Capacity Assessment

Balancing the right of an individual to determine their own specific life decisions against their capacity to do so can be a challenging process. An informed and individualised capacity assessment carried out by an experienced practitioner will ensure that the balance is right. Integrity Neuropsychology Services (INSneuro) provides the expert assessment required for health and welfare, financial and placement decisions.

INSneuro provides capacity assessments for a range of presenting situations including:

  • Decisions about placement destination.
  • Decisions about involvement with rehabilitation/treatment programmes.
  • Court of protection proceedings.
  • Decisions about parenting ability.


Risk Assessment

INSneuro fully believes that ABI survivors should be supported to live meaningful, valued and productive lives. In order to achieve this aim, comprehensive risk assessments are provided.

Risk factors following ABI include:

  • Behavioural/mental health difficulties: e.g. impulsivity, self awareness, self regulation, self-harm.
  • Exploitation: e.g. financially, sexually, abuse, neglect.
  • Substance abuse: e.g. illegal drugs, alcohol.
  • Increased dependence on others: e.g. due to inappropriate assessment of need, exploitative relationships.