Neuropsychology Case Studies

Capacity assessment: Use of social media

Client S E is a 22-year-old autistic woman with mild intellectual disability. S E was involved in a road traffic accident, resulting in a left-sided prefrontal area brain injury. 18 months after the accident S E was referred to INSneuro for help with anxiety, low mood and harmful use of social media.

The capacity assessment indicated that S E did not have the capacity to make safe decisions about her social media use. The rehabilitation team needed to manage the difficult balance between S E’s choice and freedom to engage with meaningful activities and the need to protect S E from harm. A social media care plan was put in place with an appropriate risk support plan. In addition, social media participation was used an opportunity for S E to learn skills around safer use of social media in a safe and supportive environment.


Managing behavioural challenges

T L is a 45-year-old man who was involved in an incident resulting in significant brain injury (right frontal and temporal lobes). Referral to INSneuro by T L’s case manager highlighted various behavioural challenges that put his residential placement at risk. Observations of behaviour and discussion with the staff team and family members identified several triggers for the behaviours. In addition, time spent with T L allowed him to express his needs and fears that were also contributing to the behaviours e.g. sense of loneliness and isolation, and a fear of dying.

A plan was developed with the staff team to change the environmental triggers and have strategies to help T L manage his concerns. T L also received individual psychotherapy to help him process his thoughts and feelings about the implications and impact of the brain injury.


Parenting after brain injury

N S is a 36-year old man who sustained a brain injury as a result of an assault several years before his referral to INSneuro. N S was referred to INSneuro for a neuropsychology assessment to determine the impact of any neuropsychological changes on parenting ability. Neuropsychology assessment indicated several cognitive difficulties including changes in aspects of memory functioning, reduced concentration and problems with impulsive behaviour and reasoning through consequences. N S also experienced periods of low mood and low self- value. The neuropsychology report summarised how these changes impacted on N S’ parenting ability with recommendations for addressing the parenting related difficulties. A structured cognitive rehabilitation plan was developed with N S and his health and support team. In addition, N S received individual psychotherapy sessions to address mood and identity issues.

Please note some details have been changed to protect confidentiality.


"After my brain injury my anxiety got really bad. Carol really helped me to not let my worries take over my life."

-SN Feedback received September 2019


"I had a head injury, (brain injury) that changed my life,  I completely lost the capacity to function on a daily basis, even with the simplest of tasks, and couldn't remember large parts of my past history, including my job, my family. And I had virtually lost hope.

However... as soon as I started my sessions with Carol Sampson and her brain injury team, my hope came alive.

Carol’s calm and positive treatment suddenly made sense to me straight away.... I was given very simple tasks, and assessments to complete.

Carol’s early assessment and encouragement gave me the hope to carry on.
Later in my treatment I was given simple homework tasks, all designed for my individual needs. I still use those methods today.

Carol’s professional, calm and knowledge of my injuries gave me the confidence in her.

I have stated before now... that Carol's treatment, with my brain injury, and after treatment programme, not only changed my life, it saved it."


-AG Testimonial received February 2018

"I would gladly like to give my feedback on our sessions. I found our sessions extremely helpful, I believe you set up a safe place for me talk about any problems I had. I found the techniques you introduced me to extremely helpful, and I continue to put them into action."

-CM Feedback received January 2020